7" It's a Romance / Dub - Bisca / Higgs & Guava Dub RMC-001

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Bisca / Higgs & Guava Dub
It's a Romance / It was a Romance (Dub)
It's a Romance Production(Jp)

無類のラヴァーズ・ロック愛好家、ズングズング(EMPEROR)とコウ(EARTH BEAT)による日本の ラヴァーズ・ロック専門レーベル「It's a Romance Production」から待望のリリースが決定。ゲスト・ ヴォーカルには大阪を拠点に活動する実力派シンガー、ビスカをフィーチャリング。彼女にとって初のラ ヴァーズ・ロック作品となる今作は夜空の星に想いを馳せる、儚い女性の心情を綴った、哀愁漂う一曲と なっている。裏面はジャズのエッセンスを兼ね備えた技巧派キーボーディスト、ヒッグスがオルガンとピ アノをオーバー・ダビングし、さらに難波のダブ・マスター、ハブ氏によってダブ処理が施されたメロウ なインスト・ダブを収録。夜空の下で愛する人を想い空を見上げて聴いて欲しい...それはロマンスだ。

Directed by Zunggu Zunggu and KO, new Labal "It's a Romance Production" has been recently launched. Inspired by classical UK Lovers Rock Reggae, finally here is a Japanese Lovers Rock song. Welcoming the guest singer Bisca, who is known by her amazing ability of singing, especially in Japanese Reggae and R&B field, this is the first Lovers Rock song for herself. On the B-side, you can enjoy Dubwise version, created by 'Hav' who is known as Dub Master in Osaka Japan. Furthermore, organ melody is newly attached by talented keyboardist 'Higgs' who has a sense of Jazz also. Singing about the vunerable emotion of being in a romance, it is highly recommended to listen under cold night looking up the stars. Yes, it's a romance isn't it?

Bisca (Vocals, Backing Vocals)
Monji (Drums)
Takumi Moriya (Bass)
Shogo Endo (Guitar)
Higgs (Keyboards)
Produced by Zunggu Zunggu & KO
Composed and Arranged by Higgs
Mixed and Dub Mix by HAV (Soul Fire)
Mastered by Ogidoo
Jacket Design By Sana
Jacket Photo by Hoshina
Recorded at SF Recordings
Distributed by DRUM & BASS RECORDS

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¥1,980 tax included