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7” The Edge - Black Am I |Ghetto Youths International

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Black Am I - the Egde

A: Black Am I / The Edge
B: The Edge / Dub Version

Ghetto Youths International BAI-TE45-002

*ボブ・マーレーと同じ出身、ジャマイカのセントアン教区の丘にあるナインマイルの田舎で生まれたラスタマン。ジュニア・ゴングに見出されGhetto Youths Inc.のファミリーに加入。黒人のルーツと文化を代表するアーティストになる準備はできているブラック・アム・アイの名前を是非覚えてください。『私たちは1人で戦っていますが、一緒に勝つことができる。集中力を保ち、健康で希望に満ちた状態を保つために最善を尽くして下さい!』とパンデミックの中、世界へラスタファリアンからのメッセージ。


A The Edge

B The Edge Dub Version

Produced by multi-GRAMMY winner Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, with Black Am I blessing the ears of millions of listeners with inspirational lyrics to help them maintain sanity amid challenges.“In this time when the pandemic is upon us we must stand together to protect ourselves and our loved ones, don’t be pushed. COVID-19 is a deadly killer, don’t play as if it is a joking matter hold steadfast,” said Black Am I.2020 has not been the best of years for millions of people; the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other heartbreaking events have wreaked havoc to their physical, mental, and emotional health of people worldwide. However, like any other phase in life, these occurrences will be a thing of the past and the world would come out stronger and better. This is the message Black Am I is looking to pass in his newest release – ‘The Edge.”

The devout Rastafarian is staying true to the essence of reggae music – inspiring people to become better, as he pours his heart and soul into every line of the song. Black Am I preach the strength of unity and the significance of fighting the battle against the common enemy and coming out tops.“We fight alone, but together we can win. Stay focused and try your best to remain healthy and hopeful,” said Black Am I when he was asked about the intended message of the song. The chorus of the song says a lot about the message Black Am I is sharing with his base.

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